How to Find Your Perfect Neighborhood in a Few Easy Steps

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, you know it’s quite a process. If you find your perfect home but the neighborhood isn’t quite the right fit, you may not end up as happy as you deserve to be.

Finding your perfect neighborhood can be a fun and interesting pursuit. It’s a game of figuring out your wants, needs and must-not-haves, touring different places and imagining yourself in many different areas.

Perhaps you already know exactly where you want to live, but if you need help weighing your options, read on.


Make “The List”

Almost everyone has the list – the list of home must-haves. You likely already have one, and you probably have it memorized. This can certainly help you in your search for your new neighborhood, but start a new list that is specific to what you do and do not want in a community. Make sure it’s as comprehensive as possible. You’re moving for a reason, right? First, identify that reason. Is it because you want a bigger space? Maybe it’s that you’d like a newer home or need to be closer to work or an aging family member.

However, if the reason you’re moving is associated with your neighborhood in particular, then take close heed of that. Are you trying to avoid a loud area, poor school system or high crime area? Do your must-haves include plenty of parks and activities nearby for your kids? Maybe you’re dying to live in the heart of the city where there are plenty of restaurants, concert venues or museums and everything is within walking distance. Or, maybe you’re tired of the city scene and prefer a quiet suburb instead.

Choose a Real Estate Team

Once you’ve made “the list,” begin researching areas. A good place to start is with an experienced real estate team who is going to know the communities around you, inside and out. You can try researching different areas that match up to all of your needs, but a dedicated real estate team will be able to give you more answers than Google. They can tell you which school systems are the best-rated, where all the good restaurants are, about the crime statistics, parks and recreation or neighborhood associations in the area you’re thinking about. Or, you can tell them your list of wants and needs, and they can tell you what community they think would best fit you.

Begin the Hunt

You’ve narrowed down what you want and need, and your real estate team has suggested a few areas. The next step is to visit those areas. Ask your agent to set up viewing appointments or go to open houses, and pay attention to how you feel when you’re in that neighborhood. Do the neighbors seem inviting? Maybe you can talk to a few to ask them how they like the area. If you have children, notice if there are any kids their age around playing. Do the houses have curb appeal? Can you imagine your family and you living there? Trust your gut and your first instincts – they’re almost always right!


The Sargent McDonald team at Brik Realty wants to be YOUR team. We work tirelessly to help our customers find their perfect homes and neighborhoods. We would never try to pressure you into an area that you don’t feel 100 percent about! And, we know the communities. From Crestwood, to Trussville, to Ross Bridge to Hoover and many more, we can match you to your perfect neighborhood. Contact us today!